Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Random List Post (on weight, diet, baby names, child spacing, you name it!) I'm everywhere today!!

It so feels like Wednesday to me today. I don’t know why. I feel out of sorts. Maybe because I went to the gym this morning and I usually (by usually I mean last week) go MWF? I don’t know. In any case this will be a list post, because I really like lists, but also because I’m feeling a bit lazy.

1. Speaking of the gym, I’ve been going for a week and at least paying attention to what I eat, and I have lost one tiny pound. One. I wish there was some way to see immediate results. I wish I was the type of person who could do one of those crazy liquid diets. I wish that I could somehow get the lbs. to melt away. It doesn’t work that way though, huh.
2. Speaking of weight loss, I causally mentioned to Ed that I was going back on the pill because I don’t want an unplanned pregnancy to get in the way of my weight loss goals. (I have an appointment 11/9) He was actually kind of upset with me about it. He kind of thought we’d have another baby sooner than later. Well ok then. We disagree. I’m not canceling the appointment, but I will have a serious discussion with him before I start the pill. Who knew??
3. Eddie and Caitlyn were spitting last night. Their dinner, their beverages, just plain spit, you name it. They were out of control. At one point, I said to Eddie sternly “We do not spit in this house” and he said “Well can we spit in other peoples houses?” I had to walk away so he wouldn’t see me laughing.
4. I’m tired of my job and the shenanigans that go on. That’s all I have to say about that.
5. Caitlyn is on day 5 of being dry. She ran back and forth from the bathroom all last night saying that she needed to poop, but couldn’t get it out. She went in her pull-up right before bed and was actually upset about it. Today is a new day!!
6. Our local park is having an enchanted forest tonight and my FIL and I are taking the kids to walk through. I think they’ll enjoy it. Plus they get to try out their costumes before wearing them to school tomorrow.
7. Eddie still hates school in case you were wondering. He keeps asking for Ed to go with to drop him off, and I know it’s because Ed will stay and I will not. Ed can’t say no though, and usually follows us over. I kiss both kids goodbye and go. Ed has usually just left Eddie by the time my 20 minute commute to work ends. Now even at home, he wants to know where I am all the time—and says things like “Mommy, don’t leave me!!” when I put him to bed or am in the kitchen or something. I wish I knew what to do. I’m sure it’s not stay by his side for life, which is totally my inclination right now. I just feel like “my poor poor baby….” All of the time.
8. It’s supposed to be 70 degrees tomorrow for trick or teat---how awesome is that? I have to pick up crap for the kids to take to school tomorrow for their party and parade and now apparently for an impromptu Halloween party at work. I should have saved the pumpkin cookies (which are FRICKEN AWESOME!!) for tomorrow.
9. Did I happen to mention that we took all of the chocolate candy the kids got last Halloween and put it in the freezer? We have every intention of passing it out tomorrow night. Is that wrong in some way? It was all standard sealed chocolate; we didn’t save gummies or anything, so I think it should be fine. They weren’t going to eat it all.
10. I’d love to know what everyone is dressing their kids as for Halloween, or better yet, I’d like to see photos.
11. FINALLY!! I happened to hear a girls name on the radio this morning and immediately decided it was my new 2nd or 3rd favorite name for a girl. Do you want to hear it? No really, do you? It’s a name Ed would never go for, but I love it. Are you ready? It’s Sabina. I think it’s so pretty! Sabina. It makes me smile.



Beck said...

Sabina IS pretty - I actually love the shorter version, Sabine. It sounds funny with my last name, though.

Swistle said...

One pound is AWESOME. I know it feels tiny, because I feel the same way when I lose a pound: "Whooo. Big deal." Here is what I do, pep-talk-wise: first, I go to the kitchen, get a pound of butter out of the fridge, hold it against my hip, and say, "You lost THAT." Then, I do some math, because I love math: if you kept going at that same "tiny" rate, you'd be 50 pounds lighter this time next year. FIFTY POUNDS.

That is very interesting to me about child-spacing. Child-spacing is one of my all-time favorite topics, especially when husbands and wives disagree in a friendly way (that is, not having a big scary war, but just a difference of what they had in mind).

You had candy in your freezer for a year and YOU DID NOT EAT IT??

Kellan said...

Ha - I love #9 - regifting Halloween candy - brilliant! My little ones are going to be a Ninja and a devil (appropriate for the 6 year old). Fun post - see ya.

Jess said...

One pound is great! Especially at the beginning when water weight and salt and stuff are still messing you up. And if you keep losing a pound a week, that adds up to a lot. Plus, over two pounds a week is not considered healthy.

Also, yay for finding a girl's name you like!

Mommy Daisy said...

Yeah on the 1 lb. lost. You're doing things right, and it will keep coming off. Keep it up.

Oh, you and Ed are the opposite of Matt and I. I'm ready for another baby, and he's not (or is he? I just blogged about that). Sometimes we just don't know the right timing.

Yeah Caitlyn for staying dry! Sorry to hear about Eddie's trouble being left at school. Will he tell you why he doesn't want you to leave? Strange.

Have fun trick-or-treating. Ours is all over here. Most places do it on the weekends. Zachariah was a giraffe, and I posted pictures a few days ago. Good idea to reuse the candy from last year.

Sabina is a cute name. It reminds me of Sabrina, but cute in its own right.

Tessie said...

We went with...ANGEL for a costume. I am so over work too right now.