Sunday, June 03, 2007


I love summer. I love everything about it. The heat, even the mugginess (OK, maybe not the bugs). I just love the warm weather. Even the smells, especially the way the kids smell with their hair warm from the sun, and their sunscreen melting off of them....

I sat with Caitlyn for a while last Monday, at our Memorial Day picnic, gliding on the squeaky yellow bench swing, just breathing in her warm sunscreeny smell. I could have sat there for hours. The kids are sleeping downstairs now, and their room is warm. I can still smell the pool water on them mingled with their sunscreen and it's just heavenly.

It's close to 90 degrees today as it was yesterday and is very humid. There were supposed to be thunderstorms all weekend, but it has been completely dry.

The kids woke up around 8:30 this morning and I treated them to Tim Horton's for breakfast. it was a special treat because we went inside and ate rather than going through the drive through. It didn't go so well....Caitlyn threw her plate on the floor in a fit of rage and it shattered in to a million pieces. Everyone in the restaurant was staring at us. It was horrendous. From there we went to the grocery store and I ended up having everything I needed accomplished done before 10:30. We came home and filled the pool and spent a while in the yard before lunch and naps, and that leads me to now. I thought it was going to rain so I told Eddie we could go rent a movie after nap, and now it doesn't seem like it will rain at all.


Misty said...

So glad I am found again.

About the incident at breakfast? Oh, I so feel for you. When the kids are behaving not so much like little angels and everyone is staring you down like you should have never, that is bad. Just know that every mother of a child out there KNOWS it could have just as easily been her.

And I love warm sunscreen-y smelling babes as well. :)

theflyingmum said...

I love the way the air feels "thick" before it starts storming, and the smell of sunscreen. My mom used to slather my translucent, freckled skin with SEA & SKI suntan lotion when I was little. That smell still takes me back.

nowheymama said...

We spent the weekend in our inflatable pools, too! All the neighborhood kids were there, and it was crazy. Yay, summer!